Mule Day Parade a big hit

Yesterday was THE BIG DAY in Columbia. That's right, it was the annual Mule Day Parade. It makes our second parade since moving "back home" to middle Tennessee last year. It is fun, funny, and simply a "neat" event where everyone enjoys themselves.

Every horse and mule within 1,000 miles comes into town to be part of this festival which has been going on since "who knows when".

There were an estimated 200,000 people attending this year's parade. Traffic is a mess, but we have discovered the secrets to getting around. After all, this is nothing like Atlanta traffic.

We hope you enjoy a few pictures taken at this year's parade.

Spectators line the streets 4-6 deep for several miles to view the traditional Mule Day Parade.
          On the square in Columbia, TN

The crowd begins to assemble.
We have front row seats right on the square.

"Let's get started before this crowd gets out of control"

Dorine and Eddie looking anxious

At the square minutes before we see the first of many mules

America, apple pie, and mules.
Does it get any better than this?

This is what it's all about !
Mules, mules, and more mules.

Can't have a parade without a beauty contest now can you ?

Sometimes, they pull the mules

Davy Crockett and "The Pied Piper" ?

Always a big attraction - sheep and the Border Collies
The crowd goes wild with enthusiasm !!!!!!!

A real antique covered wagon

You've heard of Martis Gras; how about Muleday Gras ?

Miniature Mules

These two have matching pants

One of many floats. This one has a few strange characters to be sure.

They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors

World's largest pillow  -  one of a kind events and interesting things to see at Mule Day.

The train that hits all the local area parades and has since I was a kid.

The Red Hat Society Club

Pigg & Parsons  -  where I bought my first pin-stripe suit when working for IBM. A landmark business that is closing after 70 years of selling men's clothes.

The parade is over  -  we can't wait until next year.